Wrong Warp

Found by FullGrownGaming


Using Gibdo Mask Bottle Adventure, it is possible to wrong warp. If you catch Hot Spring Water in the duped bottle at 2:30-2:45 after starting the game, you will enter Seizure Mode, which causes rapid day transitions. You can then play ISoT to return the cycle somewhat back to normal, and wait for a day transition at 6:00am.


Currently, Wrong Warping is used 2 times in Any% (Goht and Gyorg).



  • This only works on maps with day transitions.
  • Dying after a wrong warp will take you back to the place that you warped from (unless you reload the area, only useful for STT Wrong Warp).
  • Soaring from a boss room after wrong warping will take you back to the place you warped from.
  • Romani's Mask also works for Wrong Warping, however it's pretty useless, as Gibdo Mask is much faster.
  • List of all known warps: Google Doc.
Last updated 12/05/2020 – gabyelnuevo