Discovered By GlitchesAndStuff (N64)


The Gainer is a backflip that moves forward. Unlike in Ocarina of Time, it can be used to grab onto ledges that would normally be too high. It can be performed as any Link.

How To

  1. Target next to a wall
  2. Backflip and release the target button at the same time
  3. One frame later, press the target button again.

Link should backflip against the wall. If there is a grabbable ledge within reach, he will grab onto it. You can also home buffer the trick, as it can be tricky to perform:

  1. Hold target against a wall.
  2. Press Home and let go of the target button.
  3. Hold backwards and buffer an A button press.
  4. Buffer a target press (Link should be in the first frame of his backflip animation)

The below video demonstrates both the buffered and unbuffered version of the trick.


  • This can replace a ground jump nearly everywhere it's used. Since the ground jump requires performing Action Swap, it is faster to use this method in all cases.
  • Though it is possible to do as a Goron, it is generally useless to do so, as Goron Link cannot grab ledges.
Last updated 07/09/2016 – PPLToast