Long Jump


A technique returning from the original Majora's Mask, the Long Jump is a forward jump that makes Link travel further than he is supposed to. Doing this allows for many skips and timesavers by traversing over large gaps not normally jump-able. It can be combined with the Zora Mask to reach even higher ledges. Compared to the original MM, the distance gained from a Long Jump is much bigger, allowing for various skips that otherwise would require hovering, making it much more useful.

How To

  1. Stand next to a ledge and aim towards your target.
  2. Turn around 180 degrees and place a bomb down directly behind where you were facing.
  3. Turn around again and make sure your angle is still right.
  4. Wait for the bomb to explode. When it does, Link will Long Jump.

Alternatively right after placing down the bomb and turning around, equip the Zora Mask. After transforming, tapping A will skip the animation of Zora Link moving down his hands, saving a bit of time.

Last updated 07/09/2016 – PPLToast