Song Storage


Song Storage is a trick that lets you store the text from some specific Ocarina songs. To trigger a stored song's text you'll need to bring up a text box by talking to an NPC, check a sign, or opening the inventory menu and moving the cursor on any item with text then closing the inventory, which will bring up the stored text out.

Song Storage can be useful in certain situations, as when the text is brought up, link is fully controllable. There are different effects that occur when using Song Storage compared to when the songs are played regularly.

Also, the methods used to achieve Song Storage in this game are different than the original N64 version.

Storage Effects

Song of Time Storage

The Song of Time is one of two songs which text cannot be stored and called up at a later time like the rest. As an effect of this, this storage can only be used either in the area the song was played or the next area Link travels to in the game. The effects of Song of Time storage include:

  • All cycle-based events reset (e.g. the ice that blocks the path to Mountain Village reappears)
  • All item counts return to 0
  • All trade items will disappear
  • All bottles in the correct slots will revert to empty bottles
  • If you have below 3 hearts, your hearts will be reset to 3 The game will be saved

Note, that Song of Time Storage will not:

  • Reset back to the Dawn of the First Day
  • Warp Link back to Clock Town outside of the clock tower
  • Play any cutscene related to the Song of Time
  • Empty any duped bottled content (such as Hot Spring Water caught in a duped bottle in the Mask Menu)

Inverted Song of Time Storage

Storing the inverted Song of Time in this game has some unique effects, such as:

  • The clock being entirely frozen until the stored text box is cleared
  • The game cannot be paused using the Start button
  • As well, the bottom screen does not register any tap made by the user. Making the buttons, Mask, Gear, and Inventory menus completely inaccessible.

The best use for ISoT storage in this game is freezing the clock, so time doesn't pass after performing Bottle Adventure and hold off time until you get to the area you want to Wrong Warp from.

Song of Double Time Storage

When going through a loading zone to store the SoDT, the hud for SoDT will appear on the screen upon loading the new area. To actually store the hud you will need to load an area a second time. The 3DS version has the ability to jump to different hours of the day, unlike the N64 where you only have the option to jump to the night of the same day (or morning of the next day if during night.) Due to this change, SoDT storage works differently. The only choice that works when picked is jumping time to the dawn of the next day. As well as this, choosing to skip to the next day while going through a loading zone will not reset the same day, like it happens in the N64 version.

Song of Soaring Storage

Just like its N64 counterpart, Song of Soaring storage has no usage at all. This is the second out of two songs which cannot be stored and called up at a later time. In the overworld the soaring map will get brought up to select an area to soar to, but then nothing will happen after selecting any location to warp to. Same for temples, the text box will get brought up but nothing will happens after selecting "Yes."

Interestingly, the unused "Soar" icon texture for the A button will show up for a split second when loading a new area and clearing the stored soaring menu. This 3DS version does not show the A button at any point while the soaring menu is on the screen.


In MM3D, Grezzo patched the ability to play the Ocarina while in a falling state (known as Ocarina Dive in the N64 version), rendering impossible to store an Ocarina song while voiding out. Luckily, there are two other methods that work in this game using a gossip stone. Normally, the game waits a set amount of frames after first pulling the Ocarina out, so the player is able to play songs. When pulling the Ocarina near a gossip stone, the player is able to play songs right from the moment the Ocarina button is pressed. Allowing for the following 2 methods to work.

TimeStop Method

By performing the bottle method of TimeStop next to a gossip stone, the ocarina staff will get brought up on the screen. After doing so, play a song as you enter a loading zone for the song to either get stored or be brought up in the next area.

Ocarina Dive Method

When slashing the sword and pressing the Ocarina button while a ledge near a gossip stone, Link will immediately fall of the ledge. This is remnants from the patched Ocarina Dive glitch, where pulling the Ocarina out as you slash near a ledge makes Link fall from that ledge. While we can't dive while playing the ocarina, doing this near a gossip stone does bring up the ocarina staff. The game takes 1 frame (after initially getting in the playing Ocarina mode) to check if Link is standing on the ground. If the game detects Link is not currently standing on ground, it immediately cancels out.

You can watch a video showcasing this method in any of the above videos that demonstrate the effects of stored songs.


  • In any area where the songs may not be played, the stored song will bring up the corresponding text box, such as "Your notes echoed far but nothing happened."
  • Song Storage will get cancelled by death and pulling out the ocarina
  • While Song of Time storage resets many events in the game, some areas must be reloaded before the effects are shown
Last updated 12/12/2020 – gabyelnuevo