Common Wrong Warps


Unlike MM, MM3D has a large variety of interesting wrong warps that are used in runs. These are a few of the most common you will encounter.

Goht Wrong Warp

Performing a Wrong Warp from the Post Office while standing on the edge of the bed will warp you in the correct location in Goht's room. You can also do the warp from the road to Ikana Canyon.

Gyorg Wrong Warp

A Wrong Warp to Gyorg is also possible, and was the first warp used in Any%. This is done by getting a transition in the "Spring" Twin Islands, which requires beating Goht first. Because there is a grotto with Hot Spring Water on this map, getting rid of seizure glitch is not required, but is an easier strat if you cannot play ISoT after Gyorg's intro fast enough.

Stone Tower Temple Wrong Warp

Milk Bar is the location you need for this Wrong Warp. You can use Epona to clip into the Milk Bar without Romani Mask, and then simply waiting for the transition inside. This is the key step in making Elegy/Mirror Shield Skip faster.

Last updated 03/11/2015 – erinexplosives