Cycle Timer

Below is the link to the cycle timer used mainly for wrong warping in MM3D.

Screenshot from website

mm3d Cycle Timer screenshot

Gibdo Bottle Adventure messes with the in-game days and clock resulting in different days like the infamous 4th day or even 0th day.

As seen in the cycle timer above, catching HSW in the whole duration of the blue box ends in 0th day (different similar variations of day 1, 2, 3 can be seen in these glitched days), while catching HSW during the whole duration of the yellow box will get the game in the "glitched wrong warp days".

*Note that you need to start the timer as soon as you start your game in the home screen. (If the update pop up notification shows when launching the game on your 3DS, start the timer as soon as you press A from that notification.)

Last updated 05/19/2021 – gabyelnuevo