Get Item Delay / Manipulation

Get Item Manipulation

(also known as GIM) is a memory corruption glitch which can be used to modify which item you receive from an item drop on the ground by modifying the Get-Item value. The current method we use to get GIM in this game, is by diving as human link to get an item drop and then interrupting it with a cutscene. After getting in the GIM state, you just need to go near a chest and touch it (some also say hump) and the Get-Item value changes. The item drop doesn't change the Get-Item value, it only depends of the chest you hump (note that it's not only chests, you can also hump Heart Pieces, as long as you don't grab them which could make you lose the GIM state.) If you're not humping a chest (or a heart piece) the Get-Item value will be set directly to the item you touched and so in that case, you'll get a heart piece, that's a way to duplicate items.

Below is a table of results of chests we have been able to do GIM with:

Object to go nearReceived ItemResulting Slot
Compass ChestRemove OcarinaOcarina Slot
Dungeon Map ChestRemove OcarinaOcarina Slot
Boss Key ChestOcarinaOcarina Slot
Small Key ChestNo Apparent ResultN/A
50 Ruppie ChestItem XOcarina Slot
20 Ruppie ChestFishing Pass TokenFishing Token Slot

The item labeled as Item X is because in this game we cannot see or use any item placed in the Ocarina slot, so we're not sure what item this could be. Removing the Ocarina sends Link back to the 1st cycle of the game. Other places need to be checked if anything's changed from the result of the Small Key chest.

Get Item Delay

(also known as GID) is the first step you'd have to do for delaying the "Get Item" cutscene before changing its value and surfacing on water.

GID Methods

With the Turtle Cutscene

The first known way of getting GID was using the Turtle Cutscene in Zora's Cape.

Diving While Triggering a Chest Cutscene

With Swim on Land as Zora

With Bonk

With Open A

With Remote Hookshot


  • When the game is under the state of GIM, some oddities occur like bombs and bombchus freezing midair after you pull them out.
  • Link can only open doors with knobs, sliding doors won't open.
Last updated 11/30/2020 – gabyelnuevo