Time Stop

Time Stop is a glitch done by interrupting certain actions such as using a bottled content or dying. It causes the camera to get stuck next to Link and time doesn't move during it. Time Stop is useful, because during it, cutscene triggers cannot activate, allowing Link to walk past them and it can also be used for Song Storage detailed below.

Bottle Method

  • Catch something in a Bottle so Link has a bottled content in his hand.
  • Hold L Target and perform Mask Storage
  • Do a backflip or sidehop. While in midair stop holding R so Link stops shielding, then hold R again.
  • Right before you land, press the Bottle button.
  • If done correctly Link should be crouching on the floor. It is important to not let go of R yet. Doing so will cause Link to transform into the form used for Mask Storage and also prevents Link from exiting Time Stop without entering a loading zone. First, take off the mask you used for Mask Storage and put it away in your inventory and now you can stop holding R. To cancel Time Stop, press the View button on the touch screen.

Song Storage

TimeStop Method

Song Storage is done by performing Time Stop in front of a Gossip Stone. Doing so causes the Ocarina menu to pop up, which gives you the ability to play songs while moving. Playing a song like Song of Double Time and going through a loading zone will store it. You can activate the stored song just by opening the inventory and moving the cursor on any item with text to get the song text out after exiting the menu. A stored song can be stored again just by going through a loading zone again.

Falling off Ledge Method

If there's a gossip stone near any kind of ledge, by slashing your sword and hitting the Ocarina a moment after the slash, Link will fall and the ocarina staff will appear in the bottom screen. This way you can store songs like the TimeStop method, by going in loading zones. (Video below in the "Death Method" section.)

Bottle on B Method

When you have a Bottle on B, Link will not put it away when you target and shield making Time Stop way easier to do and like in the original MM.

  • Catch an item in a Bottle so that it is in Link's hands.
  • Hold L Target.
  • With the Bottle still in your hand, press and hold R to shield.
  • Almost straight away after pressing R (one or two frames), press the button for the bottled item.

Underwater Timestop

For some reason when you're underwater with Zora Link and you have a normal bottle on hand, when you target and shield, Link will not put away the Bottle making it so you can do Time Stop underwater just like the Bottle on B Method.

"Death" Method

Originally found by GlitchesAndStuff in MM64
Method by protatoxxxeater

By dying in air and grab a heart before touching the ground, will revive Link and puts him in TimeStop mode. This "easy-normal" method was fixed in MM3D. If you store the Song of Time and die in the air and hit A before touching the ground, the game will automatically give you 3 full hearts not letting Link die and stay in TimeStop mode because you never picked up a heart or fairy during the process.

Last updated 06/22/2017 – RukaPML