Time Stop

Time Stop is a glitch done by interrupting certain actions such as using a bottled content or dying. It causes the camera to get stuck next to Link, time doesn't advance during it and cutscene triggers will not activate. Time Stop is useful in different ways, such as allowing Link to:

  • Walk through cutscene triggers
  • Store songs if performing TimeStop near a gossip stone (see Song Storage)

Bottle Method

Mask Storage Method

  • Catch something in a Bottle so Link has a bottled content in his hand.
  • Hold L Target and perform Mask Storage
  • Do a backflip or sidehop. While in midair stop holding R so Link stops shielding, then hold R again.
  • Right before you land, press the Bottle button.
  • If done correctly Link should be crouching on the floor. It is important to not let go of R yet. Doing so will cause Link to transform into the form used for Mask Storage and also prevents Link from exiting Time Stop without entering a loading zone. First, take off the mask you used for Mask Storage and put it away in your inventory and now you can stop holding R. To cancel Time Stop, press the View button on the touch screen.

Landing Exploit Method

  • Catch something in a bottle to have a bottled content on Link's hand
  • Hold L and do a backflip/sidehop
  • During the last few frames of the backflip/sidehop (3 frames before landing on the ground) hold R to shield
  • Right on landing press the Bottle button

If everything is done correctly then you have successfully performed Timestop.

Pictobox Method

  • Catch something in a bottle to have a bottled content on Link's hand
  • Go into Pictobox mode and take a picture
  • After selecting 'Yes', the game keeps you in the glitchy pictobox mode for a few frames.
  • Hold L+R soon after selecting 'Yes'
  • Press the Bottle button right after holding L+R

If done correctly, then you have successfully performed Timestop.

Bottle on B Method

When you have a Bottle on B, Link will not put it away when you target and shield making Time Stop way easier to do and like in the original MM.

  • Catch an item in a Bottle so that it is in Link's hands.
  • Hold L Target.
  • With the Bottle still in your hand, press and hold R to shield.
  • Almost straight away after pressing R (one or two frames), press the button for the bottled item.

Underwater Timestop

For some reason when you're underwater with Zora Link and you have a normal bottle on hand, when you target and shield, Link will not put away the Bottle making it so you can do Time Stop underwater just like the Bottle on B Method.

Bomb Method

For this method of TimeStop, (Hold the L button all the way through) pull a bomb and let it explode (you can start holding the Ocarina button on this step), right as it explodes pull out a second bomb (the second bomb will explode and Link's arms will remain in empty in the air), start home buffering until the frame where the smoke has thicken the most on screen (see video below for the frame), home buffer once letting go of Ocarina, then on the next frame hold R.

Ocarina Items Method

For this method, you will need to catch something in a bottle, then proceed to quickdraw/action swap a bomb.


After quickdrawing the bomb, get into ESS position while holding L to target. Flick the circle pad in the opposite direction from your ESS position at the same time you perform ESS OI, while Link is placing the bomb (and rotating forward) hold both L+R.


After quickdrawing the bomb, get into ESS position while holding L, home buffer a circle pad input in the opposition the direction and the bottled content button, on the next frame buffer the bomb button, home buffer one more time the next frame just holding L, then stop buffering and hold both L+R.

"Death" Method

Originally found by GlitchesAndStuff in MM64
Method by protatoxxxeater

By dying in air and grab a heart before touching the ground, will revive Link and puts him in TimeStop mode. This "easy-normal" method was fixed in MM3D. If you store the Song of Time and die in the air and hit A before touching the ground, the game will automatically give you 3 full hearts not letting Link die and stay in TimeStop mode because you never picked up a heart or fairy during the process.


Notes by the Majora's Mask ZSR page
  • After activating time stop all circle pad inputs will move link relative to the way that the camera was facing when you performed the glitch. This usually means the controls are inverted. By performing inverted camera before doing the glitch, you can get the controls of link to be mostly normal.
  • Time Stop can be cancelled using the View/Pictobox touch screen button in almost all circumstances with a few exceptions. Opening a chest will disable View, View may not be used while swimming in water, View may not be used if the bottle variant of the glitch was performed too soon after targeting. In these cases a transition to another area will be required to cancel the glitch.
  • Although the A button still functions for most things, you will not be able to open doors.
  • The bottle method is most commonly used, as it can be done anywhere where you can use a bottle, whereas the other methods require very specific situations.
  • By opening chests that have a cutscene while time stop is active, it is possible to duplicate bottles into all of the empty bottle slots of you inventory. It is also possible to duplicate heart pieces an almost infinite number of times.
  • While time stop is active, link won't put away the bottle in his hand while swimming in water.
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