There are two steps to beating Goht, much like Odolwa: You must reveal Goht's eye, and deal damage to it. There are two ways of doing this.

Exposing the Eye

Goron Method

The easiest method to reveal the eye. Simply get spikes on the Goron roll, and launch off the ramps into Goht's back. If hit on the back, he will fall down after one hit.

Goron-less method

This method is a bit harder to pull off. Once you unfreeze Goht, start moving the opposite way of Goht. Once you make it to the second ramp, throw a bomb forward, and one behind. Goht should run into both of these and take damage. You may have to hit him with a bow in order to knock him down. Once he is down, and you take injure his eye, you can continue to do this, or move to the outside of the circle and hit him with arrows five times to take him down and reveal his eye again.

Damaging The Eye

The cycle involved in damaging Goht is as follows: Hit with arrow three times, bomb on first cycle. Second cycle use two arrows and a bomb, third cycle use three arrows and a bomb. Bombs can be replace with items that will do two damage on contact, such as light arrows.

Last updated 07/10/2017 – PhlexPlexico