Extended Hookshot


Discovered by gabyelnuevo

The hookshot in Majora's Mask 3D gains weird properties once it's used while first person glitch is active. By targeting while in first person glitch you can use the hookshot without deactivating the glitch (going into first person or getting hurt/knockback deactivates first person glitch). The hookshot gains the new property of being able to constantly extend from it's original position. Meaning you can fire the hookshot at a wall and then fire it again and it will use the last position of the hookshot (hitting the wall) and add another hookshot chain distance to that; meaning it goes through the wall! But that's not all, a fully detailed explanation of this glitch can be found by clicking Here. It is currently unknown why this glitch doesn't work in some places in an area.

How to

The current, easiest, unbuffered method of getting First Person Glitch is the Bomb Crouch Method. To learn how to perform this method and all the other methods to get First Person Glitch, click anywhere on this line.


Boss Key Skips

Extended Hookshot is very useful in both Woodfall and Inverted Stone Tower Temple, as it skips getting the Boss Key. In Inverted Stone Tower it skips fighting Gomess, a miniboss that can be annoying to fight without any sword upgrade or proper items.

Mirror Shield Skip

Extended Hookshot now gives the possibility of skipping getting the Goron Mask entirely in Any%.


  • Jumping from a ledge, pressing the view button or taking damage that knocks you back cancel the glitch.
  • Using the bow or the hookshot without holding L cancels the glitch too.
  • Shooting an actor has no effect unless you release L at the same time as you fire the hookshot.
  • Shooting an actor brings you to the latest wall that you hit with the hookshot.
  • You can not get stuck between two walls, you'll always get past the second one to try to get back inbounds.
Last updated 11/19/2016 – Piorrro33