Weird B


Weird B is a glitch in Majora's Mask that manipulates the contents of your various B buttons. In MM3D, we can perform Weird B by using Epona, and Mask Storage.

To perform Weird B:

  • Have Epona in your current location
  • Perform Mask Storage
  • Walk up to Epona and mount her while walking
  • Un-equip the mask you stored to remove it
  • Dismount Epona


One useful effect of Weird B is putting the Great Fairy Sword on Deku B. This is done by performing Mask Storage with the Deku Mask. After dismounting, Deku Link will have the sword on B, but Human Link will have nuts. To fix Human B, simply redo the trick with Zora Mask, or Goron Mask.

Note that the above effects only occur if you currently have the bow.

Bottle on B via Weird B

Discovered by Gabyelnuevo

By being Swordless, it is possible to write a bottle on Zora and Goron B.

To do this:

  • Perform Weird B with Zora or Goron Mask
  • You will now have Mystery Milk on B
  • ESS Dupe over the Mystery Milk
Last updated 06/22/2017 – RukaPML