Remake Changes

There have been many changes made to MM3D from the N64 (GC, VC) versions of MM.

General Changes

  • Song of Double Time now allows you to select any hour to jump to, not just advancing to the following day/night.
  • Great Spin and Double Magic fountains have been swapped.
  • Pictobox is now color.
  • Dampe now gives a Heart Piece, while Koume Archery gives a bottle.
  • There is a 7th bottle, in the form of a sidequest.
  • There is a Sheikah Stone inside Clock Tower
  • Bomber's Notebook is completely overhauled, including long pop-ups!
  • Tatl Alarm
  • Addition of Feather Statues, which only allow you to save, not warp to.
  • Goron is needed for room key
  • Game runs at 30 FPS instead of 20 FPS.
  • Inverted Song of Time is now 1/2 speed over 1/3 speed.
  • 1st Cycle runs 3/2 speed.
  • After 1st Cycle, 1 in-game hour is ~45 seconds long, Same speed as the original game.
  • Roll Animation is slightly shorter.

Link's Forms

Deku Link

+Bubbles don't pop when held too long and are more accurate
-Deku Link needs to build up speed in order to move full speed

Zora Link

+Taking damage while walking underwater has vastly reduced knockback. It's more like a flinch
+Zora Boomerangs go through walls
+Zora Link can play the guitar underwater
-Swimming is easier to control, but you move really slow. Going as fast as in the original game consumes magic (as seen here)
-Zora Link's glitchy Jump Attack animation is patched

Goron Link

+Punch Combo is faster and more accurate
-Goron Boosting with explosives is patched, but it works with enemies

Last updated 12/02/2019 – PhlexPlexico