Goron Missile

Goron Missile is a glitch that lets you gain incredible speed as Goron using wither the hookshot or the bow

How to

  • Get into the First Person View with the Pictobox
  • Swap the Hookshot/Bow with a usable item on X or Y
  • Do the Restricted Items trick by holding L and then Hookshot/Bow plus A in the next frame (If using the hookshot you can see the hook floating next to you) (Optionally take a photo and keep it, then press A + Hookshot/Bow)
  • Roll forward and press B to do a Goron Pound.


The speed you get will depend on how much you hold the circle pad in any direction. Let's say you hold up just a little bit, the speed you will get is going to be different than if you held the circle all the way up.

For reference, backwalking speed is 16; you can easily reach a speed of 1000 doing this glitch.

If you do a pound on slopes and other tilted surfaces you shoot up vertically

Last updated 12/12/2020 – gabyelnuevo