Great Bay Temple

Skip Obtaining the Ice Arrows

Due to how Great Bay Temple was made, it can be easily destroyed with Long Jumps and Ledge Clips. The Ice Arrows can easily be skipped through using these tricks and because Ice Arrows are not required to beat Gyorg

Gainer to Red Switch

Normally, you need to shoot the Chuchu next to the platform with the red switch shown in the video. However the platform is low enough that all you need to do is perform a Gainer as a Zora to be able to grab it.

Early Boss Key

The Boss Key is located behind a golden colored fence that has an opening in it. The opening can be easily Long Jumped to.

Early Boss Door

Normally, the game wants Link to activate the current in the green pipe so that a water fountain can appear in front of the boss door for him to jump to. However this can be easily overcome with yet another Long Jump.

Boss Key Skip

Extended Hookshot Method

Out of Bounds Method

Picto Actor Collision Exploit Method



You can do Get Item Manipulation in one of the rooms of the temple.

Last updated 07/22/2020 – gabyelnuevo