Mask Storage

Found by Gabyelnuevo


Mask Storage is a technique exclusive to Majora's Mask 3D. The principle is based on the fact that transformation from one form to another can be delayed for an indefinite period of time.

If a transformation mask button is pressed while link is in the air, the transformation will be 'stored' until link touches the ground again. The transformation can be delayed even further by holding L and R before landing. This will cause link to bring up his shield as soon as he lands and will not be able to transform until R is released, until link backflips/sidehops or until L is released and repressed.


Normally, when holding L and R the game will force link to put away any item he has out (such as a bottle or a bow). Storing a transformation while in the air will cause link to be able to shield without putting away the item if he holds L and R upon landing.

The concept is extremely useful in multiple situations. This one concept leads to many other glitches, including Down A, Timestop, Any form on epona, Blank B, Ocarina on B, Weird B and more.


  • If the mask is removed from the item buttons while it is being stored, the transformation will no longer happen
  • Transformation storage can also be done by being a transformation, such as zora, and removing the transformation mask from the item buttons while shielding
  • When performing any kind of jump/backflip/sidehop with mask storage, the player must release R before re-pressing it if they wish to continue having mask storage upon landing.
  • When having mask storage in the air, link's shield won't come up until he lands, even if you begin holding R while link is in the air.
Last updated 02/17/2015 – GlitchesAndStuff