Ikana Canyon

Road to Ikana

Accessing Ikana without Epona

Goron Boosting

Because explosives do not work for Goron Damage Boosting anymore, you have to use Bubbles during the nighttime to get yourself over the fences blocking access to the Graveyard and Canyon.

Ground Jump

Found by gabyelnuevo

By putting together a Ground Jump and a jumpslash, you can get past the fence thanks to the Bubble.

Early Ikana Canyon without Save & Quit

Found by Piorrro33

If you have the scarecrow's song, you can hookshot the scarecrow and skip the second barrier. But wait, there's more, you can also do EHS to skip getting the Garo Mask without having to Save & Quit.

Early Ikana Canyon with Save & Quit

Backflip method

Found by Zerodahero

Due to the remodeling done to the area, it is not possible to Goron Boost Out of Bounds and seam walk to the Canyon. Instead it is possible to just simply backflip on top of a rock placed close to the wall and target the conveniently placed Feather Statue and save the game. After doing so, quit the game via the Home Menu and you will be in front of it upon resuming the game.

Goron Pound Method

Found by Venick409

It is also possible to just Goron Pound next to the rock and target the statue from there, but it is frame perfect and somewhat difficult. Managing to pull it off saves a few seconds though.

Triple Slash Clip method

Found by Pedalpowerluigi

By triple slash clipping into a boulder, you can get into it. Then you can use the Goron Mask to get onto the boulder and Save & Quit.

Ikana Graveyard

Captain Keeta Skip

It is possible to skip Captain Keeta by Goron Pounding on top of the lantern on top of Dampe's house and then climbing the wall as Zora Link or by doing a Long Jump with a bomb. When there, pull out the Hookshot and get hit by the flames surrounding the chest. Quickly L-Target and shoot the chest and mash the A-Button to open it.

Day 1 and 2 Graves without Captain's Hat

Goron Boost Method

During daytime, you can do a Goron Damage Boost off of the Bad Bats around the area to get on top of the Day 1 Grave. Once on top of it, face the front and check the grave to fall off and hit the loading zone. To access the Day 2 section, you can simply do a Long Jump to the other side.

Zora Long Jump Method

By climbing up on one of the pillars near the entrance of the graveyard, perform a long jump with Zora to get ontop of the grave and enter it at any time of the day without Captain's Hat.

Clip Into Dampe's Hut

Discovered by TheWayfaringFox

Goron Pound and clip ontop of the lamp, then buffer an untarget sidehop, on the second frame hold L + Right then you'll clip through the door.

Ikana Canyon

Ice Arrow Skip

In order to skip the Ice Arrows, you have to Zora Long Jump to the other side of the gap from the small post next to the dock. Once there, Hookshot your way to the top like normal.

Music Box House without Song of Storms

You can get inside the Music Box House without getting the Song of Storms and watching the cutscene by doing a Hookshot Clip with a Gibdo. To do that, lure a Gibdo to a wall of the house and then stun it with the Zora Barrier. Quickly take off the Zora Mask and walk away from the Gibdo to avoid targeting it. L-Target the wall, walk towards the Gibdo and then sidehop and let go of the Hookshot right when you hit the ground to clip inside.

Sakon's Hideout Early

You can get into Sakon's Hideout anytime with a setup you perform to clip through the door with a bomb.

Ocean Title Deed Skip

Using an Invisible Seam

Found by Slask2Prask

By getting to the highest point of the invisible seam and a long jump you can make it to the other side without need the ocean title deed.

Down A Method

By performing Down A as Deku you can use the deku flower without having to get the ocean title deed for the deku scrub seller

Ancient Castle of Ikana

Skip the Castle

Found by Kaztalek

The whole Castle of Ikana can be skipped by doing a Gainer on top of the Sun Block as Zora and Ledge Clipping from the wall next to the entrance. From there, tap A to let go and B to hit the wall. You will get recoiled to the unloaded interior area, afterwards navigate to Igos du Ikana's room.

Mirror Shield Early

Doing a set of consecutive Mask Jumps as Zora you can clip to the top of the Sun Block and skip going through Beneath the Well or getting Gibdo Mask.

Stone Tower

Climb Stone Tower without Elegy.

Using Mask Jump

By doing many, many Mask Jumps you can skip using Elegy to cross the large gaps.

Using Extended Hookshot

Using extended hookshot is the simplest way to climb Stone Tower without Elegy. First hookshot to the same level of as the beaamos. Get First Person Glitch, then shoot at the entrance platform until you hit it twice. Then roll to the beamos and EHS shoot it as shown in the video. This also skips the puzzle to enter the temple.

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