Great Bay

Pirates' Fortress

Pirates' Fortress Sewer Skip

Mask Jump Method

Discovered By Gabyelnuevo (setup by benstephens)

It is possible to skip Goron pounding a switch and entering the sewers entirely with Mask Jump.

  1. Face the fence directly
  2. Place bomb behind you and perform Long Jump as Zora
  3. When you get close to the fence, B and Home at the same time and mash the mask button

Angled Bomb Jump Method

Discovered By Squirelofjust1ce (setup by SlaskPrask)

This setup is harder and more precise than the previous one, but it still works.

  1. Backwalk off with your back to the wall as Zora.
  2. Climb back up and do one slash.
  3. Aim towards the wall and target.
  4. Take off the mask and back walk off.
  5. Target and slash once.
  6. Regular slash once, then do 1-3 extra just to be sure (extra are needed).
  7. Bomb over head twice.
  8. First frame bombdrop + backwalk.
  9. Target before climbing back up.
  10. Equip Zora Mask and hold up on the frame shown in the video below.

Underwater RI Method

Discovered by GlitchesAndStuff

Performing Restricted Items underwater from Zora to Deku next to the vent that throws you out of the sewer, Deku Link will activate the flowers and you can fly over skipping going into the sewer at all.

Bee Cutscene Skip

By performing Timestop in the room with the Hookshot, it is possible to walk past the trigger for the bee cutscene to skip it entirely.

After performing Timestop, walk down to the end of the hall and become Zora to hit the beehive. Once the beehive cutscene is over, drop down and grab the Hookshot like normal.

Zora Cape

Mountain Title Deed Skip

It is possible to get the Piece of Heart in Lulu's room without getting the Mountain Title Deed.

To do this, wear the Zora Mask and backflip onto the table in the back of the room. Face the shell chair in front of the Piece of Heart and roll jump off the table towards it. You'll hit the top the shell and jump off of it and get on top of the ledge, thus skipping the deed.

Great Fairy's Fountain Without Bombs

Discovered By Weegeechan

It is possible to enter the Great Fairy's Fountain in Zora Cape without the use of any Bombs.

The way it's done is by performing Down A on the same platform as the boulders, then you can simply walk through them and enter the fountain like normal.


Oceanside Spider House

Mask Puzzle Skip

By performing a ledge clip as Zora Link on the left side of the chimney where the gate is located, you can skip the mask puzzle allowing you to get the Heart Piece without having the Captain's Mask.

Last updated 09/21/2015 – gabyelnuevo