Snowhead Temple

Scarecrow Skip

Pixel Frame Method

Using the Hookshot, it is possible to climb up the the Fire Arrow room without Scarecrow's Song.

Using Extended Hookshot

You can do EHS in the room where the map chest is located, and hookshot the fairy chest to get to the 2nd floor.

Small Key Skip

A longjump can be used to skip a small key for getting to the top floor.

Boss Key Skip (TSC)

Discovered by Fullgrowngaming

A Triple Slash Clip is used to clip out of bounds and be able to enter the boss room without the boss key. This clip is fairly precise, as it requires a good angle, and timing for when you put away your sword.

Wrong Warp to Goht

It is possible to skip everything in Snowhead except for the Goht fight. To do this you will need to wrong warp to Goht's boss room using either the path between Ikana and Termina field or the Post Office. Once inside the boss room, you can action swap with the Tatl alarm by pulling out the hookshot, then pressing stick and then pressing Tatl right afterwards. Now hold the stick button and target, then let go of the stick and link will shoot a fire arrow which will unfreeze Goht and start the boss fight.

Last updated 11/01/2016 – gabyelnuevo