Faron Province

Faron Woods

HD Golden Cucco Skip

Discovered by SVA161620

The ways that TPSD used to get to the Sacred Grove without the Golden Cucco no longer work, but by using a set of somewhat precise LJAs and good timing, it is possible to skip using the Golden Cucco to get into the Sacred Grove. Saves about 18 seconds over getting the Golden Cucco.

Sacred Grove

Grove 2 Skip

Discovered by ChrisIsAwesome

With a precise bomb-boosted moon boots jump strike followed by several backslices, it is possible to skip half of grove 2. To perform this skip:

  1. Hit Skull Kid once, then walk into the corner as shown in the videos below
  2. Kill the nearby puppets, place down a bomb at the edge of the corner, and charge a jump strike
  3. When the bomb is near the top of its third fast flash, let go of jump strike
  4. Depending on the bomb timing, either do a second frame moon boots jump strike (earlier on the bomb timing) or a first frame moon boots jump strike (later on the bomb timing)
  5. Angle the camera a bit to the left, walk to the side a bit, then backslice three times (with a sidehop before the third backslice)
  6. Jump down into the next room

The videos below are with early and late bomb timings, respectively.

The images below show what a first and second frame jump strike looks like, respectively (the frame where you would force unequip the iron boots).

First Frame Moon Boots Jump Strike Second Frame Moon Boots Jump Strike

Moon Boots Jump Strike Up to Temple of Time Entrance

With a first frame moon boots jump strike, it is possible to get up to the Temple of Time entrance without the block. Just stand in the corner, perform a first frame moon boots jump strike, do a jump attack, and roll over the rest of the stairs. Once you are at the top, you can open the door from the wrong side by pressing A while target walking backwards and away from the door.

LJA to Sacred Grove Stamp Chest

It is possible to skip the spinner tracks with an LJA. Just stand around the middle of the ledge and target around the middle of the wall above the overhang.

Temple of Time Bug Timesaver

By targeting the ground and then the wall near the Temple of Time entrance, you can get the ceiling bug without going down to ground level.

Last updated 03/14/2024 – Habreno