Early Lakebed

Entering Lakebed Temple Early

In TPHD most methods to enter Lakebed Temple are not useful anymore due to the lack of Early Master Sword, however Pillar Clip and making it into the Loading Zone to enter the temple early is still possible.

Pillar Clip (with Zora Armor)

Originally discovered by LogitechSDAZ

Swim over to the left side of the entrance to the temple between the large blue pillar and the green pillar. Position yourself so that the yellow arrow on your mini-map is pointing north-west. You can use the Iron Boots to get into position and then take them off to make it a bit easier. Hold the Target button, and swim straight upwards. You should clip through the blue pillar and be able to swim into the loading zone without having to blow up the rock.

Pillar Clip (without Zora Armor)

HD version discovered by squirelofjustice

Like TPSD it is still possible to make it to the loading zone of Lakebed without Zora Armor just before you drown.
The only difference for now seems the visual cues cause of new texture work and the mashing of Iron boots to give you max speed while swimming.


  • For now doing Pillar Clip without Zora Armor needs Water bombs to make it through the tunnel in Lakebed Temple. Optimally those would be fished to make Pillar Clip without Zora Armor save any time.
Last updated 04/16/2024 – Jacquaid