Input Storage


Discovered by TreZc0_

Exclusively in Twilight Princess HD it is possible to store inputs during a cutscene or text box.
This can be used to get first frame Midna Jumps, 1 frame text skips and even big tricks like Gorge Void consistently and therefore saves a big amount of time consistently.

How to

1) Wait for the cutscene to start / mash through a textbox until it is about to end.
2) Hold the buttons needed for the trick you wanna perform (L+A or Backflip / sidehop buttons)


This includes stuff like first frame dashes/rolls after cutscenes (for example after Goats cutscene), Midna jumps like in Castle Sewers or Faron and text skips like the one on Castle rooftops or the one after the Meteor warp to Zora's Domain.

Last updated 04/16/2024 – Jacquaid