Ordon Gate Clip

Discovered by TreZc0_


Like in Twilight Princess it is possible to clip through the gate between Ordon Village and Faron Woods. This can be used to skip the first two days of the introduction and allows you rescue Talo immediately.

How To

Clipping Through the Ordon Gate

  1. Enter the well area, get on Epona and ride towards the gate.
  2. Align Epona at a slight acute angle with the gate (the less space between Epona and the gate, the more likely you are to clip). This is tricky cause there is not much space to move.
  3. Sidehop between Epona and the gate and roll into the gate.
  4. If you setup Epona's alignment properly you should either:

    • Immediately roll through the gate.
    • Crash into the gate, and as you stand back up, get pushed through the gate by Epona.
Last updated 06/01/2020 – gymnast86