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Start Fight Sooner

You can start the fight sooner by throwing the boomerang or shooting an arrow

Phase One Normal

This Darknut has takes two more hits than other Darknuts in the game, this would mean you have to make him block three times however after the fifth hit there is a small window where you can stab, if you do this both times he will only block twice

Phase One With Bomb-Arrows

Discovered By Dragonbane0

It is possible to use bombarrows to keep hitting the darknut with each arrow counting as two hits, however this is very inconsistent as the positions behind the darknut seems to require you to be directly behind him and a certain distance and without the first bombarrow hitting the others chance is greatly reduce also

Phase Two With B&C

Discovered By Dragonbane0

It is possible to use the B&C on darknuts for the 2nd phase by pulling it out during their dash, or right after a slash which is used in Hyrule Castle. To do it here hold up and slightly right then as soon as you pass over the tip of the triangle on the floor hold B&C. The Floor has good visual ques to use

Last updated 04/25/2018 – Habreno