Arbiter's Grounds

Poe 1 Skip (Backflip Pillar Jump Method)

Originally discovered by Venick

It is possible with really precise movement to skip getting the 1st Poe in Arbiters and therefore complete the first half of the dungeon backwards. After the backflip the fourth Poe Soul gets collected first.

To do this you enter the left room after the Poe Cutscene and backflip of the pillar in the sand in a really precise angle.
Note that this is very hard to do but can save around 1 minute for Any%.

Setup by Hakua, Pheenoh, and Jacquaid

Kill the moldorms with a bomb, LJA over to the pillar, and walk towards the right side of the pillar (looking towards the door you entered the room from). Now there is a little line that you can see because of Link's shadow that marks the edge of the pillar. Line that up so that line is parallel with the bottom of the screen. Walk to the right (without targeting) until Link's right foot looks like it is no longer on the diagonal line on the pillar shown in the video. Now start holding up on the control stick (again without targeting) until Link gets a high-step. Then c-up on one of those steps, turn around the camera so that the top right light brown brick (when you're facing the wall you'll see it) is just off screen. Then target with this cue, backflip, and hold up-left after the backflip. You should make it. This saves around 1 minute.

Fast Moldorm Kill Before Poe 1 Skip

Discovered by Adam

The Moldorms in the Poe 1 skip room can attack you from the quicksand and therefore disturb your Poe 1 skip attempts. To prevent that, you can simply kill them. By using a bomb its easy to kill or at least distract them without wasting too much time.

Poe 1 Skip (Upwarp Method)

Discovered by MrMrMen

There is a spot on the pillar where you can warp up to the top from the sand and roll off to grab the ledge.

Chandelier Skip 1

Originally discovered by LogitechSDAZ

In the chandelier room with with the spikes, get to the other side of the room and pull the large metal box once. Walk up the stairs, and get on the ledge to your right. Pull out the boomerang, and target the ceiling next to the chandelier (target is not preicse). Now use a Long Jump to get onto the chandelier.

Chandelier Skip 2

Originally discovered by YautjaElder

In the second chandelier room, make your way down to the chain you would normally have to pull to raise the chandelier. Pull out the Gale Boomerang, and target above the left side of the door. Now just use a Long Jump to get across the gap. If you stand closer to the chandelier no moldorms should be able to hit you.

Poe 2 Fast Strategy

There is a fast strat for the second poe where you enter the room as a wolf and deal with the bubbles during the fight. To do this jump attack the poe as soon as you can target it, this will make the poe attack sooner. Start a B-charge quicker after to get the first hit before the bubbles can make their way over. After this quickspin the bubbles while waiting for the poe to become vulnerable, when it is just use a B attack to knock it down and then finish it while the bubbles are still jumping around.

Poe 3 Room Backwards Strat

Originally discovered by sva161620

After Poe 1 Skip you can enter the Poe 3 room backwards. To be able to kill off the redead and stalkins quickly, you can use Midna Charge in combination with precise movement.

Stalfos Before Poe 4 Bomb Timesave

Discovered by Adam

It is fastest to use a bomb to kill the stalfos right before Poe 4.
After skipping the cutscene pull out a bomb and throw it at the stalfos with the boomerang while hopping away.

Consistent Poe 4 Slow Phase

Originally discovered by Dragonbane

During the 4th Poe fight it depends on RNG when the Poes decide to circle around you fast. It is possible to eliminate RNG and make them spin immediately by precise movement relative to the position the real Poe is in.

Boss Key Early

Head to the left in the large room after the Four Poe room. Turn into a wolf, and get by the pillar. Face the acute angle between it and the wall, and press B repeatedly to clip through the pillar, and climb up to the Boss Key. This also allows for you to get to the Death Sword battle quicker if you proceed through the door and spinner track room.

Stalfos Timesaver With Bombs

Originally discovered by LogitechSDAZ

After performing the Early boss key trick and making your way to the stalfos room before the spinner, cross the sand and place a bomb by the since stalfos. Now run over to the ledge before the spinning spikes and place another bomb. The stalfos should be destroyed, opening up the gate just before you get there.

Last updated 08/17/2022 – Onaku