*Videos are partly from TPSD for now and will be replaced at some point.

Phase One

Quick Kill

It takes two pulls on the tail to beat phase 1 of Argorok, it is possible to regrab his tail quickly the second time without having to go all the way to the top and wait for him. To do this after the first hit hold Up-Right on the analog stick, this will make you face towards the right pillar, then clawshot onto it quickly (can't be very low) and then clawshot him again quickly before he gets away

Phase Two

Void Out Timesaver

Originally discovered by SVA161620

For the first hit of three is it quicker to void out and then climb the pillars than it is just to climb the pillars because Argorok is already waiting for you.

Flame Skip

1st and 2nd Phase

Originally discovered by Dragonbane

After Clawshotting up to the peahats just wait till Argorok starts to spit fire and put on IB. When you are below the flame clawshot further 3 times. This saves around 7 seconds if done on both cycles for Any%.

3rd Phase

For his 3rd cycle Argorok will change the direction he breathes fire after the 5th peahat which is slower than the other cycles which only go one way for 7 peahats. However it is possible to cancel this flame going back by making the peahat you are on sink with Iron Boots, if you go low enough the game assumes you fell and hence stops his flame.

To do this clawshot onto a peahat as soon as you can hear Argorok scream, then on the 4th peahat (including the one you went to from the pillar) wait and equip Iron Boots as soon as the flame passes the peahat next to you. Unequip when Argorok starts the fire again, then clawshot on his back for the Finishing Blow.

Two Cycle

Originally discovered by Dragonbane

It is possible to skip the final cycle by using Fairy Tears or Rare Chu Jelly.

There are two methods for 2 Cycle Argorok, the original being harder as you have to clawshot to Argorok without aiming because you have very little time. However it has been improved so we can skip a peahat therefore making the timing easier so you can aim, however it does require some what precise timing on the drink animation but this can be buffered easier so this method is highly recommended.

Below is the improved method to skip a peahat and makes the strategy easier. It is important to note that the pillar you use seems to matter due to peahat positions, so you should try and copy the video exactly. The pillar stood on is on the left side at the back if you were looking at it from the vines where you enter the fight.

  1. First Cycle As Usual
  2. Clawshot up to the peahat either side of the pillar shown in the video so you can clawshot back to it (Video is optimal)
  3. Clawshot to the peahat as soon as Argorok starts his flame then instantly put on Iron Boots and clawshot down to the correct pillar (NOTE: If you clawshot the very top of the pillar you have a chance of getting a "dead pixel" where you can't grab the ledge, to avoid this wait a little bit and clawshot lower)
  4. Slowly walk to the left edge as far as you can and get ready to clawshot around the right. The goal is to get Argorok to face left as much as possible so a peahat is skippable
  5. Drink the Tears/Chu Jelly at the very last second and then clawshot to the right. If you are too late Argorok will turn right slightly meaning you have to go an extra peahat and do the clawshot to Argorok without aimming
  6. To buffer the drinking wait until Argorok is leaning forward and use his wings for a visual que, you want to drink when his wings are horizontal, it should be noted there is some leeway
  7. If done right you should /JUST/ avoid his fire, this means you can skip a peahat
  8. Go around to the right another 2 peahats (3 total including the clawshot from the pillar)
  9. Finally if gone late enough you should just be able to clawshot him from the side, you have enough time to aim this way

Below is the original method that requires the clawshot to Argorok without aimming (Harder)

  1. First cycle as usual.
  2. Clawshot up to a peahat and wait for Argorok to spit fire.
  3. Clawshot back to the pillar and climb up.
  4. Wait until Argorok spits fire again and use Fairy Tears.
  5. Clawshot up and proceed as usual. (5 Peahats, Grab, 4 Hits)
  6. Blind clawshot Argorok otherwise you will run out of power from Tears/Chu
Last updated 04/25/2018 – Habreno