Dash Cancel

As Wolf, Link has a cooldown on his dashing ability which can cause slowdowns in movement in some areas.
This cooldown gets reset if a dash gets canceled which allows to immediately dash again.

How To

Dashes can be canceled by stopping the dash animation before it is finished. This is done in two different ways:

B-Attack Dash Cancel

Right after pressing A, immediately press B to cancel the Dash. Wolf Link will make the attack animation forward and after it be able to immediately dash again.
This can be used in Castle Town for example, where it is faster to constantly dash cancel instead of just mashing A to dash every few seconds.

Ledge Dash Cancel

The second method of dash cancelings requires a ledge to jump off. If you press A to dash right before a ledge, the animation of Wolf Link jumping off will cancel the dash and allow to immediately dash again. Ledge Dash Cancels are a bit harder in TPHD cause Wolf controls are kind of laggy.
This method is used in a lot of places, for example in Castle Sewers or while completing Eldin Vessel.
This method is also applicable to the transition between water and land. You can cancel the dash by triggering it right before the transition, which will interrupt the animation and allow an immediate dash.

Last updated 04/16/2024 – Jacquaid