Glitch Overview

Compiled by Dragonbane0

*Please note that many glitch that are not used in the current Any% route have gone untested and hence don't appear on this list yet.

Fixed Glitches

Ordon Gate Clip (only the sidehop/backflip clip method, bonking through with Epona still works)
BiT (no hard/soft reset capability)
Map Glitch (taken over from GC JP which was patched in the same way)
EMS (removed slow swing and the area is somewhat protected by extended collisions and invisible walls)
Bomb Boost to Sacred Grove / Golden Cucco skip (can still boost up the ledge, but extended collisions prevent further progress)
Fishing Rod Hover (can still dupe fishing rods, but changed controls prevent the hover)
Clawshot clip in Lake Hylia (Kagarok OoB clip still works)
Floor clip in Snowpeak (can still skip the ice by jumping over)
Raising Mirror Skip (zoom in and out method doesnt work anymore to allow warping)
Howling during the Hidden Village quest (need to beat bublins first and leave before you can howl)
Vine clipping in Lakebed Temple (invisible walls, vine clipping itself is still possible) L-Slide

A full list of glitches and their testing status is up on Dragonbane's Pastebin.
HD Patched/Working Tricks

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