Glitch Overview

Compiled by Dragonbane0

Fixed Glitches

  • Ordon Gate Clip (only the sidehop/backflip clip method, bonking through with Epona still works)
  • Back in Time (no hard/soft reset capability)
  • Map Glitch (taken over from GC JP which was patched in the same way)
  • Early Master Sword (removed slow swing and the area is somewhat protected by extended collisions and invisible walls)
  • Bomb Boost to Sacred Grove/Golden Cucco skip (can still boost up the ledge, but extended collisions prevent further progress)
  • Fishing Rod Hover (can still dupe fishing rods, but changed controls prevent the hover)
  • Clawshot clip in Lake Hylia (Kagarok OoB clip still works)
  • Floor clip in Snowpeak (can still skip the ice by jumping over)
  • Raising Mirror Skip (zoom in and out method doesnt work anymore to allow warping)
  • Howling during the Hidden Village quest (need to beat bublins first and leave before you can howl)
  • Vine clipping in Lakebed Temple (invisible walls, vine clipping itself is still possible)
  • L-Sliding

A full list of glitches and their testing status is up on Dragonbane's Pastebin.
HD Patched/Working Tricks

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