Sword & Shield Skip


The Sword and Shield skip allows you to skip getting the Ordon Sword and Wooden Shield by luring a Bulblin into the right spot to use a Long Jump Attack off of him to get within range of the Twilight Barrier, thus effectively skipping the Sword and Shield miniquest, and a warp location.

How to

  1. Find the Bulblin near Ordon Village and lure him to the twilight barrier as close as Midna will let you, toward the wall on the same side as the fairy fountain.
  2. Using the wall, target the Bulblin, and push him further until you're just before the point where Midna will send you back.
  3. Carefully nudge the Bulblin away from the wall a tiny bit to give you an angle that's more perpendicular to the Twilight Barrier. (Note, if you are having trouble finding this place, you can use your senses to locate a large white smudge on the wall with a line behind it. This is where to push the Bulblin to.)
  4. When you think the Bulblin is in position, wait for it to attack, then jump back, and then attack it with A. While the Bulblin is still in the air, jump attack it again to do a Long Jump Attack.

If you kill the bulbin it will no longer spawn and have to reset your game, if you fail however the bulbin will still be alive but not have enough health to survive, in this case void out to reset it's health.


  • For now skipping the sword and shield results in a soft lock later cause you won't have a sword after the first twilight, resulting in a dead end.
Last updated 04/16/2024 – Jacquaid