Faron Escape


It is possible to LJA over the trigger where Midna tells you to go back and beat the forest temple. This allows you to exit Faron without beating Forest Temple or clearing the twilight.

How to do it

1) Walk into the left post on the wall until Link won't move anymore

2) Aim at the right outer end of the plant behind the rope

3) Put away boomerang, L-roll forward, sidehop left, L-roll forward

4) LJA over the trigger by targetting right next to the post

Please note the positioning is really precise. You can also find the spot to LJA manually but there are no decent textures around.


  • For now escaping the Forest early doesn't save any time cause we can't skip the gorge without warping the bridge. This means that finishing Forest Temple is a requirement for now, making Faron Escape obsolete.
Last updated 04/16/2024 – Jacquaid