Long Jump Attack

Originally discovered by Paraxade
Gale Boomerang technique originally discovered by Kazooie

Trick Description

A Long Jump Attack (LJA) is a jump attack that can cover a much large distance within a short amount of time. Not only can it can be used to jump across large gaps, it can also be used to squeeze through a few tight gaps. LJAs are not limited to just the boomerang. For example, the Sword & Shield skip achieves an LJA by knocking an enemy into the air, then jumping after it.

How To

Performing the Gale Boomerang LJA

  1. Either use the Boomerang's R targeting system to lock on to at least one target and throw, or throw the Boomerang so that it's path crosses over a void (See Notes for more information)
  2. Press B to pull out your sword
  3. Wait for the Boomerang to be over a void/high ground
  4. Jump Attack

Performing an Enemy LJA

Depending on the situation, this can be done as either a human or a wolf.

  1. Lure an enemy (such as a Bokoblin) towards the spot where you wish to LJA and target it.
  2. Strike the enemy to send it flying in the air, then perform a jump attack while it's still in the air.


  • There are two requirements that have to be met in order for the LJA to succeed, which limits the effectiveness of the LJA somewhat:

    • The targeted object/enemy must be over a void OR
    • The targeted object/enemy must be over an object/solid ground that is at a higher elevation than Link.
  • The boomerang's gale is treated as a target as the camera "locks" onto it. However, once the boomerang has been released, you cannot move or press any other buttons or else you'll lose the boomerang as a target.

  • If you aim the boomerang over a void that has something below it (such as some of the voids in Palace of Twilight), the void LJA method will not work.

  • In addition, the window in which you can jumpslash and still achieve a LJA varies according to different areas.
    In general, there are three varieties of windows for boomerang LJAs:

    1. Once the boomerang has almost returned to Link
    2. Either immediately, or at almost anytime, after the boomerang has been thrown (large window of variation)
    3. Targeting two points next to each other, and just after the boomerang passes the first point, jumpslashing

For more information on the windows of various LJAs, please visit their respective pages.

Last updated 04/16/2024 – Jacquaid