Epona Slide


When you want to get off Epona, you usually have two options. Standing still and just descend from it slowly or backhop off Epona while riding.
Both options are not optimal in most situations. Epona Slide however is the fastest option in most cases but rarely used cause it is precise and only saves a really small amount of time.

How to

1) Ride Epona and dash to get to a decent speed
2) Hold R on the first frame, let go of it on the second and press A
3) Link will do the standard descending animation and slight forward at insane speed

Note: You can actually use the home menu or the start button to buffer the Epona Slide as shown in the video. Hold R and open the home / pause menu. Now hold A und close the menu.
Last updated 04/16/2024 – Jacquaid