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Phase 1 - Diababa

One Cycle

Originally discovered by Dragonbane0

It is possible to 1 cycle Zant in both phase 1 and phase 2. The idea behind this is to interuppt Zant disappearing and hence being able to kill him in 1 cycle. To do this mash 3 jump-attacks and then time the 4th jump attack with slight delay, If you mash all jump attacks then he will just disappear for a normal 2 cycle, If you time every jump attack then he dodges too early and you can't kill him. Once you time the 4th jump attack correctly and he dodges you then do 2 more jump attacks to finish him off.

Two Cycle

As soon as you start the fight c-up and and throw the boomerang and slightly above you where Zant will spawn, this knocks him down immediately. Start your combo as he hops along so the 4th hit damages him. Repeat this once more to progress

Phase 2 - Dangoro

One Cycle

Originally discovered by Dragonbane0, improved by sva.

Just like Phase 1 it is possible to 1 cycle this phase although it is slightly different and has a two frame window.
Start with a Jumpslash into a quickspin, stab Zant twice, half charge a quickspin to delay the third slash and then finish the combo.

Two Cycle

Zant be in the wrong place 2-4 times which is completely random. As soon as the fight starts mash boomerang while you fall, this will make the first 2 cycles disappear and if you got he best RNG he will start attacking for the first time where you just combo him again. The second time round you target and use boomerang to quickly dispatch of the fake Zants and then finish him off again with a combo.

Phase 3 - Morpheel

When starting the fight equip Iron boots and L+A roll twice to get as close as possible to the Zant head. Now using Iron Boots go and stand at the opposite side of one of the Zant Heads appearing. When you can fully see the eye of the Zant Head appear from the ground the game has determained Zant will be in the one furthest away from you.
Swim over to Zant avoiding his shots and clawshot and combo him to finish him off and move onto the next phase.

Faster Combo Timesaver

Originally discovered By SVA16162

It is slightly faster to do the combo of "right, left, up, down" than the usual "up,up,up,down".

Phase 4 - Ook

Equip B&C Over Boots and roll towards the pillar Zant is going to and roll into it twice, then combo him for the first cycle. Now roll to the middle pillar and swing the ball & chain around your head, this will knock down Zant as soon as he spawns. Combo to finish the phase.

Small Timesaver

Originally discovered By SVA16162

It is slightly faster to do a "Jump Attack, then a fast combo of (right,left,up,down)" on the first hit then the 2nd hit do a "Jump Attack into Spin Attack" as opposed to traditional "up,up,up,down" combo for both hits. You can pull sword out faster by pressing B to put away B&C while holding B&C button.

Phase 5 - Blizzeta

There are plenty of hearts in the pots while waiting for Zant to come down. Wait near the wall as Zant cannot stomp on you next to the wall, now use the Ball & Chain on his foot and stay close to him with your sword ready. You can start your combo once he is half-way deflated. Rinse and Repeat for second cycle.

Phase 6 - Hyrule Castle

Originally discovered by SVA161620

Hold L+UP before the phase starts and when the right pillar falls mash B to hit him with the 4th hit (combo), he can't be hit with any other stabs before that. Now start a combo in any direction but up (where Zant will spawn) and target Zant to him with the 4th hit again. Now turn around and spin-attack to stun him and start the combo facing away from Zant and target him to hit him with the 4th hit for the final time

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