Infinite Soup


Discovered by Cloudmax

It is possible to use bottle content like Jelly, soup, milk or lantern oil unlimited times by force unequipping the bottle on the same frame it is used. This is highly useful in places where you are in danger of losing a lot of health or want to do extra damage.

How to

1) Equip the bottle with the content you want to use
2) Use the touch screen to pull an item over the slot of your bottle and hold it there
3) Open up the Wii U Home menu
4) Close Home menu and press the button the bottle is assigned to during the return delay
5) Animation will play but you will keep the full bottle

*Note: This can also be done without the home menu buffer. This is kinda precise however and can be risky depending on the content of the bottle and it's uses later.

Last updated 04/16/2024 – Jacquaid