Early Snowpeak

Discovered by Ekke325


Without Map Glitch, you can't pass the death plane around Snowpeak mountain and the snowstorm without the reekfish scent. However, it is possible to avoid the death plane with a Super Jump by manipulating the enemy position around the mountain slope. For Any%, this saves ~8.5-9 minutes (give or take a bit).

Super Jump past the death plane

  1. Cross the ice lake and enter the snowstorm area staying on the left side while aiming straight towards the massive mountain slope
  2. As soon as you reach the corner next the slope, call Midna once (to get rid of the text box), transform to human.
  3. Face the slope, take out your sword and jump attack twice to get over the first two steps.
  4. Turn straight towards the slope, hold L and step down-right slowly to get in the position shown in the video. The Collection/Save text in combination with the black lines on the wall provide a somewhat decent cue.
  5. Equip Clawshot and wait for a white wolfos to charge at you from a straight angle.
  6. Knock back the wolfos with the clawshot as it is about to touch the ground in front of you.
  7. Transform Wolf and start a midna charge, walk right, then left as it turns towards the mountain. Catch the wolfos with the midna charge as it passes by.
  8. Wait for the wolfos to run out of your view. Move a tad to the right and wait until you hear the wolfos growl preparing for attack.
  9. Release the midna charge to super jump over the ledge onto the mountain.


  • At this date, the setup is not very consistent yet and requires a certain feel and very precise position. This will likely change in the future.
  • This allows to skip the entire Ordon Village tutorial in combination with Ordon Gate Clip
Last updated 04/16/2024 – Jacquaid