Fyrus Skip


It is possible to skip Goron Mines by taking Epona out of bounds after Eldin Twilight.
Usually bombs would be required to enter Lanayru Province which can only be bought after Goron Mines but with this glitch it is possible to surpass the rocks blocking your way to Lanayru.
If a way to get bombs early without Barnes or to fight King Bulblin 2 without bow is found this trick would skip the complete Goron Mines.

How to do it

1) Finish Eldin Twilight and tame Epona

2) Leave Kakariko heading towards the Lanayru Twilight Barrier.

3) Skip the Mailman coming out of Kakariko

4) Pass the bridge and clip down the cliff with Epona

5) Use the bottle with milk as soon as Epona gets off solid ground

6) Ride into the Lanayru Twilight loading zone (brighter area in the green texture)


  • Skipping Goron Mines and therefore not getting bombs from Barnes and the Bow has a few side effects that require additional tricks during a normal Any% run, such as helping Iza with Gale and bombs, fighting King Bulblin 2 with Bombs and using the Epona Clip in Upper Hyrule Field to get back to Zora's Domain.
Last updated 04/16/2024 – Jacquaid