Super Swim

Super Swim is a glitch that allows Link to walk through walls. Most main categories ban it, however many unrestricted categories (like All Instruments or 100% No Restrictions) use it extensively.

How to perform

A Super Swim is essentially a super jump done while swimming.

  1. Find a ledge that is both adjacent to water, and that Link can hop off of normally.
  2. Wall clip into it.
  3. Face the wall and paddle towards it (paddling isn't required however makes the trick more consistent) then quickly start holding the direction that points away from the wall.

If done correctly, Link will make a hopping noise and swim away from the wall - however no animation will occur. Link will now be able to walk onto any tile you choose.

Note that transitioning downwards will cause the game to crash.

Last updated 07/15/2018 – Rapid_