Doghouse Glitch

Also known as the Kennel Glitch, Kennel World, or Glitch Dungeon

Doghouse Glitch allows Link to access a corrupted version of the game's underworld and dungeon maps activated by touching a door warp from an unintended direction. This is usually done by touching a door warp (normally entered from below) from above. Collision data for floor tiles, sprite appearances, items within chests, and more are altered when within these maps. This leads to very interesting effects, some of which are helpful in a speedrun. The differences between glitched maps are directly dependent upon your kill counter, normally used to deterine whether the Piece of Power should drop or not. For example, killing three enemies before activating Doghouse Glitch will have different effects than if you kill four enemies.

How to Perform

  1. Destroy the desired number of enemies for the particular glitched map. See Chest Guide for more information.
  2. Head to Madam Meow-Meow's house in Mabe Village.
  3. On the right side of her house is a doghouse with a door. Move Link to the top-right corner of the doghouse and face down.
  4. Perform a Wall Clip so that Link's down-facing left side overlaps with the right wall by a few pixels.
  5. Hold down-left until Link touches the warp from above.

Below is a video showing how to activate Doghouse Glitch after killing 3 enemies.

Last updated 09/20/2019 – TreZc0_