Piece of Power and Guardian Acorn

The Piece of Power and Guardian Acorns are items that drop after Link has killed a certain amount of enemies. Knowing their drop conditions is quite important, as PoP is often used for its speed upgrade, and GA is avoided due to it having no use at all - sometimes even interfering in runs.

Piece of Power

Piece of Power causes a 25% increase in Link's movement speed. It also doubles his sword strength, which can stack with the Red Tunic and level 2 Sword.

PoP is very useful for the LADX No SQWWOOB category, and has some uses in S&Q categories so long as the route makes it convenient.

Drop Conditions
Number of Heart ContainersNumber of Kills

Guardian Acorn

Link takes half the damage from any hit. This effect stacks with the effects of the Blue Tunic.

If Link is never hit, then the 12th enemy killed will drop an Acorn. Otherwise, the counter gets reset to 0.

Enemies of Interest

These enemies are listed because of their unique kill conditions.

  • Bouncy Bombites & Countdown Bombites: if killed with the sword, they do not get added to the kill count. If killed with bombs, then they are added to the kill count.
  • Bosses of dungeons: never added to the kill count.
  • Minibosses: all (excluding Master Stalfos) are added to the kill count when defeated.
  • Pol's Voice: when killed by playing the Ocarina, they are not added to the kill count. However, if you kill them with any traditional technique (such as bomb explosions), their death will be counted.
  • Red Zols: when killed with a Spin Attack (or any other technique that kills these enemies instantly), one kill will be added to the kill count. When split, killing the two Mini Red Zols that result will count for a kill each (but splitting will not count as a kill).
  • Wizzrobes: count towards the GA kill counter, but not the PoP kill counter.


Counters only increment after the enemy's death animation (explosion) is finished.

Both counters are reset either when the counter hits the limits stated in their respective sections above, when the player saves and quits, or when Link dies.

Neither PoP or GAs will drop in 2D sidescrolling rooms, however each kill in these rooms will still count towards both counters.

If both items are scheduled to drop at the same time, the Guardian Acorn will drop first, but its respective kill will not be counted towards the Piece of Power counter. The next kill will drop a Piece of Power. This rule does not apply in 2D side-scrolling rooms - both counters will reset.

Regular drops (hearts, rupees, ammunition) should not overwrite a Piece of Power or Guardian Acorn. However certain drops (such as fairies) will overwrite either item even if they were due to drop at the same time.

Enemies that fall into a pit or get stomped do not get added to either counter.

Conditions that add enemies to the kill counters that should be clarified are: enemies killed with Link's arrows, bomb-arrows, bomb explosions, thrown items (pots, rocks, D7 Billiard ball, stunned Wizrobes, etc), Hookshot, Magic Rod, or Boomerang; and enemies killed by BowWow.

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