No Fishing (LA only)

No Fishing is a glitch that allows the player to move around on the fishing game screen. Although it has no uses for speedrunning, it is quite useful for checking what version of LA one has.

How to Perform

  1. Collect at least 15 rupees and play the fishing game
  2. Cast your hook and catch or allow a fish to get a away
  3. Say "No" to the fisherman when he asks if you want to play again
  4. End his last text box (which will not have a prompt arrow in the bottom-right hand corner of the text box) by bringing up the S&Q menu.
  5. If done on v1.0 of LA, the menu should come up immediately.

Cancelling the menu will allow Link full control in the fishing game, with all fish despawned. Screen transitioning will lead Link into a glitched Underworld, and thus it is banned in any Warpless run of LA.

Last updated 07/15/2018 – Rapid_