Version Differences

General Information

The following information given on this page is only relevant for speedrunning. For specific content changes, go here.

Link's Awakening version 1.2 is built on version 1.0 instead of version 1.1. Likewise, 1.2 was only released in the US. Link's Awakening DX does not have these issues.

Checking what version a cartridge has

Cartridges of LA and LADX typically have a punch code near the bottom-right corner of the front label. The format of this punch code is what points towards what version of the game said cartridge contains.

With "xx" representing a random two-digit number,
xx = v1.0
xxA = v1.1
xxB = v1.2
xxC = v1.2

If the punch code is either non-existant, or you think the cartridge has been tampered with, checking the ROM chip or testing the list of glitches listed in the next section will provide insight for such issues.

LADX US v1.2 cart punchode (xxC) LADX JP v1.0 cart punchcode LADX FR v1.1 cart punchcode LADX JP v1.0 cart with microchip shown LADX JP v1.0 cart with microchip shown (2)

Content Changes

The Photoshop and Color Dungeon were both introduced in LADX making the 100% categories differ between games.


Glitches not listed on this table will work on all versions of the game.

VersionBomb TriggerExtended Ledge JumpFreeze BlocksNo FishingScreen WarpSuper Jump
LA 1.0
LA 1.1
LA 1.2
LADX 1.0

L(imited) - Super Jumps still work, however their functionally was changed considerably when Extended Ledge Jumps were patched. Go here for more information

The Evil Genie quick kill works on all version of the game, however the French and German versions of the game spawns two bosses instead of one after breaking the pot., allowing the player to get two heart containers from the fight.


From LA to LADX, changes in dungeons only concerned chests and layout.

Level 2 - Bottle Grotto

  • Map → Stone Beak
  • Stone Slab Fragment → Map
  • The room before the L-1 Bracelet was changed from LA to LADX, closing the pathway to the Nightmare Key room with two extra pots.

LA D2 Magic Powder roomLADX D2 Magic Powder room

Level 3 - Key Cavern

  • Stone Slab Fragment → 200 rupees
  • 50 rupees → Stone Beak
  • 200 rupees → Map
  • Map → 50 rupees

Level 5 - Catfish's Maw

  • Map → Stone Beak
  • Stone Slab Fragment → Map

Level 6 - Face Shrine

  • 50 rupees (upper-right corner room) → 200 rupees
  • 50 rupees → Medicine

Level 7 - Eagle's Tower

  • 20 rupees → 1 bomb
  • 100 rupees → Medicine

Level 8 - Turtle Rock

  • 20 rupees → Medicine

All other chests that contained a Stone Slab Fragment now contain a Stone Beak.

Other differences

Bomb arrow functionality changes between number versions of LADX. In v1.0, the arrow can be fired up to 5 frames before the bomb is laid. In version 1.1 and 1.2, however, the arrow must be fired after the bomb is laid.

Item Menu Buffering does not exist in LA because of the differing animation, therefore tricks and glitches that either exist because of or are made easier with Item Menu Buffering either don't work or are made much more difficult in LA.

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