Clipping refers to several different ways to make Link stand on tiles without jumping onto them.

Wall Clipping

As one of the oldest and most commonly used tricks in the game, Wall Clipping allows for the player to clip into solid tiles. Furthermore, it allows for many movement optimizations in the game.

Wall clipping is one of the easiest tricks in the game. Simply walk into the corner of a solid tile. One of two things will happen:

  • Link is positioned perfectly, walking passed the tile slightly clipped into it by one to three pixels (depending on the side).
  • Link is positioned slightly closer to the middle of the solid tile than the corner, causing him to go into a pushing animation for a few frames before he aligns, clipping two to three pixels into the tile (depending on the side).

Many glitches and tricks stem from - or are made easier by - wall clipping, such as Evil Genie quick kill, super jumping, and sideways block pushing. More often than not, however, it is used to optimize one's movement.

Wall clip example

Left: not wall clipped; right: wall clipped

The amount one can clip into a solid tile with wall clipping is based on the side of the tile in which they are trying to clip into:

  • North & south sides: Link can clip up to three pixels
  • West & east sides: Link can clip up to two pixels.

Pit Clipping

Pit clipping allows Link to clip into any tile that is below a pit tile. There are two ways to pit clip.

Buffered Pit Clipping

Buffered pit clipping can be done by bringing up the pause menu (LADX only) or S&Q menu (LA or LADX; much harder as you can't easily buffer the game frame-by-frame with this menu) on the same frame that Link falls into a pit. You know when you've achieved a pit clip if you hear Link's "falling" sound while the menu comes up.

Sometimes you will need to buffer two or more falling animations in order to successfully clip into a tile. This is because Link is positioned too high when the falling animation occurs. In order to avoid this, try to position Link so that he is in between two pit tiles and hold down. Bring up the menu when he gets near the center. This will hopefully maximize his distance south of the center of the pit

Mushroom Pit Clipping

Pit clipping with the mushroom is the easiest and most consistent method of pit clipping. Simply jump into a pit and use the mushroom. On the last text box, use the S&Q menu to cancel it. You should end up clipped into the tile below the pit.

You can also bring up the S&Q menu before the text box comes up. This is ideal in LA, however in LADX it can very easily result in the game crashing.

Water Clipping

Water clipping has the exact same execution of jesus jumping however, once you see the water splash animation, buffer again and Link will move downwards a few pixels.

Last updated 07/15/2018 – Rapid_