Chest Guide

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Various items are available from chests upon activating Doghouse Glitch, some of which are useful for speedruns. When you first enter the glitched map you are required to move up-left in order to gain regular control of Link. The first room where you have control of Link is room I8, where the letter refers to your Y-coordinate and the number refers to your X-coordinate. See In-Game Maps for more information. All maps contain 256 rooms divided into a 16x16 grid. The number following the table heads below indicate how many enemies you need to kill in order for the chest data to be correct. Many chests contain only text and no items; those will remain unlisted.

All information below is specifically for Link's Awakening DX. Some information may be missing.

Chest Locations and Contents

Doghouse 3
Chest Location Chest Contents
G2 Power Bracelet
H2 Power Bracelet, Flippers
H9 Power Bracelet, Face Key
H10 Bird Key
H11 Power Bracelet
I3 Power Bracelet
K9 Power Bracelet
L6 Tail Key
Doghouse 4
Chest Location Chest Contents
J4 Pegasus Boots
M6 Bow
M11 Roc's Feather
M14 Secret Medicine
P5 Power Bracelet
P12 Roc's Feather
P13 Shovel
Doghouse 5
Chest Location Chest Contents
J4 Shield
Doghouse 8
Chest Location Chest Contents
A6 Shield
B6 Ocarina
B7 Trading Item
B15 Shield
C4 Power Bracelet
C15 Power Bracelet
D4 Power Bracelet
D5 Power Bracelet
D7 Power Bracelet
G14 Magic Rod
G16 Bombs (0)
H2 Bow (0 Arrows)
H4 Sword
I6 Shield
I8 Bird Key
L5 Shield
M16 Shield
P12 Shield
P13 Shield

Item Upgrade Oddities

If you have the Level-1 Power Bracelet when you open a Power Bracelet chest you will obtain the Level-2 Power Bracelet. Opening another Power Bracelet chest will not give you a Level-3 Power Bracelet. However, shields will upgrade and you can go beyond the Level-3 Shield.

Trading Item Chest

In Doghouse 8 there is a trading item chest located in B7. If you have not started the trading quest you will be given the first item, the Yoshi Doll. If you leave the room and come back you can open the chest a second time; this will give you the second item in the trading quest. Using this chest it is possible to get the Magnifying Lens early. It should be noted, however, that if you open the chest after getting the Magnifying Lens you will receive a glitched trading item.

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