Jesus Jump (LADX only)

Discovered by EmuraloZ

Jesus Jumping allows Link to traverse waterways with the Roc's Feather rather than the Flippers. It is currently only possible to do in the DX version of the game due to the changes in how pause Buffering works. It even allows the user to screen transition while standing on water (excluding upwards transitions)

The trick is necessary for the optimal route of LADX Any% No WW/OOB (No S&Q), saving up to 30 seconds with frame-perfect Jesus Jumps.

How to perform

A "normal" Jesus Jump is done like so:

  1. Jump over a body of water.
  2. Begin Inventory Menu Buffering when you're about to land in the water.
  3. Once you see the water splash below Link's feet (reference below) during the pause lag (alternatively, you can listen for a bloop sound the water makes when Link touches it), cancel the Inventory Menu for the final time and buffer the Roc's Feather out of the unpause lag.

JJ reference

If done successfully, Link will jump off of the water as if it were land.

Jesus Jumping through and out of screen transitions

To Jesus Jump through a screen transition, simply jump against the transition and buffer until you see the water splash (shown above). Then, instead of buffering the Roc's Feather, buffer the directional input that goes towards the screen boundary. This does not work for upwards transitions, as Link moves down a few pixels.

After screen transitioning while standing on water, Link will begin drowning in an infinite loop. To get out of this, try to bring up the S&Q Menu (hold the buttons). Once the menu comes up, cancel it and buffer the Roc's Feather out of the unpause lag. To prevent it entirely, just buffer the S&Q Menu out of the screen transition and buffer the Roc's Feather like normal.

Last updated 05/31/2018 – Rapid_