LADX Any% No WW/OOB (No S+Q) (outdated, 2015 route)

Written by mabdulra, contact him if you have questions.

In this category, you must beat the game as fast as possible without using Wrong Warps and Out of Bounds. In addition, you are not allowed to perform a Save and Quit nor are you allowed to intentionally deathwarp in a manner that emulates a savewarp. Timing starts on file select and ends when the screen fades to pure white as Link transitions from the final boss room to the Wind Fish cutscene.

Start of Game

  • Talk to Tarin to get shield
  • Get sword from beach
  • Go to Mysterious Woods
  • In cave with keese, collect 50 rupee chest (50R)
  • Perform Moblin damage boost
  • Get Tail Key, leave woods
  • Win Magic Powder from crane game (40R)
  • Steal Shovel from shop, enter again and die
  • Buy Bombs (30R)
  • Steal Bow
  • Open Tail Cave

Tail Cave

  • Get small key from koopa room by knocking them into the pit
  • Get small key from northern room by hitting the switch
  • Head immediately to Roc's Feather chest
  • On way back, get small key from spark chest
  • Get nightmare key
  • Go to mini-boss room, use two arrows
  • Defeat Moldorm, get instrument

Bow Wow

  • Go to Moblin Hideout and save Bow Wow
  • Wait forever for Bow Wow to open path into Bottle Grotto

Bottle Grotto

  • Light torches, go east
  • Hit switch, go south
  • Hit switch, get small key, go east
  • Jump on switch, hit switch, get small key
  • Go to mini-boss room, if you have PoP use sword, otherwise use two arrows
  • Head immediately to Power Bracelet chest room
  • Light torch, kill ghosts, get Power Bracelet
  • Take bottom path when going east
  • Pick up pot, hit switch, keep going east
  • Defeat bunny, bat, man in that order, get nightmare key
  • Defeat Genie, use the quick kills to speed up the fight, get instrument

Villa Skip

  • Perform Villa Skip
  • Dig for Slime Key
  • Escape the maze
  • Open Key Cavern from behind, enter dungeon

Key Cavern

  • Throw pot at door
  • Kill all enemies for a small key, go north on the eastern side
  • Enter staircase, go through eastern door
  • Enter staircase, kill all enemies for a small key
  • Kill group of red gels to open doors, go west
  • Kill all enemies for a small key
  • Defeat one of the dodongos, leave the room and reenter it
  • Obtain Pegasus Boots, take warp to start of dungeon
  • Go east to get small key, return to warp
  • Bomb eastern wall in room with two stalfos
  • Get nightmare key
  • Go through bomb rooms and bomb western wall
  • Destroy bombs for a small key
  • Go through chain of key doors to the boss room
  • Defeat Slime Eyes, get instrument


  • Talk to Tarin at tree to receive honeycomb
  • Give honeycomb to bear in Animal Village to trigger Marin's appearance at the beach
  • Take warp back to Mabe Village
  • Get rupee chest in Dream Shrine (140R)
  • Get Ocarina in Dream Shrine
  • Return Bow Wow
  • Get Marin at the beach
  • Go to Animal Village and wake up the Walrus
  • Get the Angler Key
  • Learn Ballad of the Wind Fish
  • Use warps to get up mountain
  • Open fourth dungeon
  • From up above, jump down and enter fourth dungeon

Angler Tunnel, Part 1

  • Get bomb refill
  • Jump big pit, bomb block for small key
  • Tektite jump room for another small key
  • Jump big pit and head north to skip portion of dungeon
  • Fight mini-boss to set warp point
  • Get flippers, use warp to exit dungeon

Manbo's Mambo

  • Learn Manbo's Mambo
  • Take underground path near Angler Tunnel
  • Go through warp to Animal Village
  • Swim to Catfish's Maw

Catfish's Maw

  • Head west and go through staircase
  • Push blocks in stalfos room to get small key, play ocarina
  • Head north at junction to first Master Stalfos room
  • At block puzzle intersection, hit switch and head east
  • Defeat second Master Stalfos, head north
  • Grab bomb refill
  • Defeat third Master Stalfos, head south
  • Swim underwater
  • Perform really cool jump to get nightmare key, ocarina
  • Head west and go through staircase to final Master Stalfos
  • Get Hookshot, ocarina
  • Get money chest (300+R)
  • Head towards boss room
  • Hookshot jump across big pit near boss room
  • Defeat Slime Eel, get instrument

Southern Face Shrine

  • Swim towards Southern Face Shrine
  • Go through Armos Maze
  • Defeat Armos Knight to get Face Key, leave immediately
  • Swim to island and go underground
  • Open Face Shrine

Face Shrine

  • Head west until switch room
  • Head north through eastern path after hitting switch--block should be up before leaving
  • Bomb eastern wall, go through staircase
  • Kill all enemies to open door
  • Get Power Bracelet upgrade, keep going north
  • Head north through western path after hitting switch--block should be up before leaving
  • Pick up pot at top-left corner, hit switch to open door
  • Grab arrow refill if you need it
  • Throw pot at door to unlock it
  • Hit switch and walk to wizzrobe room
  • Kill wizzrobes to get a small key, ocarina
  • Head east, kill all the floating tiles
  • Bomb north wall in room with two red gels
  • Defeat mini-boss, head south after warp appears
  • Throw big statue at eastern door
  • Kill all wizzrobes, grab arrow refill, head north
  • Get small key, ocarina
  • Go to warp, head north, go to path under leftmost statue
  • After floating tile room, head north
  • Have a lot of fun with horsehead RNG
  • Kill Pol's Voice with ocarina (do not use Mambo) and head south
  • Kill both Dodongo Snakes
  • Throw pot at chest to get nightmare key, ocarina
  • Go to warp, head north, go to path under leftmost statue
  • In floating tile room, head south towards boss room
  • Bomb Facade three times before he appears, two times after, get instrument

Rooster Skip

  • Play ocarina
  • Head south to Signpost Maze
  • After Signpost Maze, buy Frog Song
  • If you are going to perform Rooster Skip, ocarina, otherwise get rooster then ocarina
  • Rooster Skip for Bird Key
  • Flamethrower Skip
  • Awaken turtle, walk right through him

Turtle Rock

  • In lava push block room, go east
  • Bomb east wall, hit switch, bomb south wall
  • Fill void in push block room, get small key, go west
  • In lava push block room, go north
  • Sideways block push to peahat room
  • Bomb north wall, enter it, bomb west wall
  • Shoot statue in eye for a small key, go west
  • Push blocks in beamos room for a small key
  • If you need to refill ammo and hearts, grab them
  • Go west, hookshot to staircase
  • Defeat mini-boss, get Magic Rod, take warp
  • In lava push block room, go to visible staircase
  • Go west into other mini-boss room
  • Fill void in push block room, get nightmare key, ocarina
  • In lava push block room, go east
  • Take staircase to boss room
  • Defeat Hot Head, get instrument

Tal Tal Heights

  • Play ocarina
  • Go up mountain to Eagle's Tower

Eagle's Tower

  • Go east
  • Kill Like Likes for a key, open door and go north
  • If you are on version 1.0 of the game, perform the Freeze Blocks glitch
  • Take the ball and destroy the first tower, throw ball south
  • In room below, use ball to destroy the second tower
  • Throw ball at switch to hit it, then throw ball over wall
  • Go north and fall in hole, then go east back to Like Like room
  • Go north through stairs to the L2 Shield room
  • Skip the L2 shield, hit switch and go south
  • Go through staircase to mini-boss room
  • Defeat mini-boss, do not jump through the door otherwise you will most likely wrong warp
  • In northern room push the blocks and get the nightmare key
  • Go back through the previous staircase to get the ball
  • Sideways block push and destroy the third tower
  • Throw ball across pit and hookshot jump across
  • If you fail the hookshot jump, take warp and return to the room, do a sideways block push on the leftmost blocks to return to your previous location
  • Bomb arrow wall, go north, bomb arrow the other wall
  • Take ball and destroy the fourth and final tower
  • Jump down into pit where you attempted the hookshot jump, take mini-boss warp
  • Go to boss room, use Magic Rod to end fight quickly
  • Get the instrument

Very Brief Path to Angler's Tunnel

  • Jump down the mountain into the hole
  • Swim to Angler's Tunnel

Angler's Tunnel, Part 2

  • Take warp, go south, swim west
  • Push block, go to tektike tile room
  • Lose your sanity in the tektite tile room, take staircase
  • Get nightmare key
  • Diagonal jump directly to the boss room
  • Use three bomb arrows on the boss
  • Get instrument

Waking the Wind Fish

  • Play ocarina
  • Go to Wind Fish's Egg
  • Ballad of the Wind Fish

Wind Fish's Egg

  • Follow this path: LLURRULU
  • Defeat the final boss, opting to perform Dethyl Skip if you so choose
  • Timing ends on the pure white screen after the transition into the Wind Fish cutscene
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