In-Game Maps

Maps by Artemis251, Jay Harland, mabdulra

Link's Awakening has three base maps, but Link's Awakening DX has four. The first three base maps contain 256 tiles and are arranged in a 16x16 grid. All sub-maps and the fourth base map contain 64 tiles and are arranged in an 8x8 grid. The arrangement of rooms in the base maps is not the same as they are arranged in game, save for the Overworld base map. The sub-maps pull data from the appropriate base map and rearranges the rooms for the particular dungeon or cave you are trying to enter. The list of base maps is as follows:

Map Number Map Description
0x00 Tail Cave
0x01 Bottle Grotto
0x02 Key Cavern
0x03 Angler's Tunnel
0x04 Catfish's Maw
0x05 Face Shrine
0x06 Eagle's Tower (Alternate Map)
0x07 Turtle Rock
0x08 Wind Fish's Egg
0x09 Blank
0x0A Caves
0x0B - 0xFE Underworld Base Map
0xFF Color Dungeon

Sub-maps 0x0B to 0xFE all refer to individual rooms within the underworld maps, but they load different graphical tilesets. For example: house tileset, Kanalet Castle tileset, cave tileset, etc. Kanalet Castle is not in its own sub-map, but rather the arrangement of maps in the Underworld 2 base map keeps Kanalet Castle whole. As such, there is no need to rearrange the rooms as with the other dungeons.

Doghouse Map

When you enter the Doghouse for the first time you will appear in the Underworld 1 map, but the tilesets will be glitched. If you entered the Doghouse with 2 kills you will immediately warp to a glitched version of the Underworld 2 map.

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