Wrong Warp

Mechanics discovered by mabdulra, drenn_thew, Artemis251

When you first enter a map with a door warp or a staircase the game will load five warp destination bytes into memory. These five bytes determine where Link will end up if he touches the warp or staircase. They are as follows:

Warp Destination Bytes
Byte Address Purpose
$D401 Map Category
$D402 Sub-Map
$D403 Room
$D404 Post-Warp X Position
$D405 Post-Warp Y Position

Map Category

The map category determines which type of map you are going to warp in:

  • 0x00 Overworld Map
  • 0x01 Underworld or Dungeon Map
  • 0x02 Side-scrolling Map

When you enter a door warp in the overworld from the reverse side, the map category byte gets set to 0xFF, thus leading to graphical errors for the map you enter.


Please refer to the In-Game Maps section for more information.


The third byte determines which room within the map you will arrive it. All base maps contain 256 tiles divided in a 16x16 grid. The sub-maps are contain 64 tiles divided in an 8x8 grid. When within a sub-map, if you were to obtain Out of Bounds you would be able to walk from one sub-map to another if they were connected. For example, from the Face Shrine sub-map it is possible to obtain an Out of Bounds and walk to the Tail Cave's sub-map. Should you do this, the graphical tileset will be the same as the sub-map you originally entered; you would see the Tail Cave with the Face Shrine tileset.


Upon entering a glitched map it is possible to perform wrong warps into other glitched maps that would otherwise be inaccessible. The one requirement for this to be possible is for there to be door tiles located in rooms that do not contain warp destination data. The fastest way to ensure this is to kill three enemies before activating the Doghouse Glitch. This will make all bottom walls, as well as certain other tiles, behave like door warps.

Touching staircases within a glitched map will warp you out of the glitched map to where the staircase normally leads. This is because proper warp destination data will be set upon entering the room. However, if you leave the room the warp data will remain set with one modification: the map category byte will change to 0xFF, the glitched byte. If you were to touch a warp tile under this condition you would end up where that warp would have led, but in a glitched version of that map. Using this mechanic it is possible to enter glitched versions of dungeons from the initial glitched underworld map. This has repercussions for speedruns since it allows you to skip bosses and obtain instruments.

Please refer to the In-Game Maps section for more information.

Wrong Warp Example

Below is a video example of using wrong warps after activating Doghouse Glitch in order to obtain the Conch Horn. The room I11 was entered in order to set the warp point to the basement of Bottle Grotto. Following that, the warp tile from I10 (a room with no natural warp point in it) was used in order to enter a glitched version of the dungeon. The Conch Horn was easily obtained from within the glitched Bottle Grotto.

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