Zuggle is a glitch that allows the player to hold multiple weapons at the same time. Zuggle allows for the capabilities to clip through objects, do more damage, cause issues with Link's character model, and much more.

Disclaimer: Zuggle does not work as of June 2023 on any version of the game past 1.1.1


Before getting into how to perform the glitch and the different effects it can have it is important to first understand how it works.

When dropping an item in an area it cannot be dropped a desync occurs between the overworld and the menu. The menu thinks the item cannot be dropped and leaves it in the inventory where as in the overworld the item is "dropped". So by dropping two weapons one after the other it allows another item to be equipped over the held item resulting in link holding multiple weapons.

Zuggle Overload

There are multiple ways to perform zuggle I will be going over each of them.

Map Method (Easiest)

This method utilizes delaying the activation of the map ability in order to have Link drop an item and have the map immediately appear rather than timing a pause unpause.

To perform:

  1. Put Link's back against a wall but with a little distance between him and the wall
  2. Pull out a weapon
  3. Hold L and select the map ability
  4. After releasing L begin mashing the right D-pad button
  5. When the weapon select menu appears drop your current weapon
  6. Mash the right D-pad button again
  7. Hover over any weapon and let go of all buttons
  8. When the map screen appears press + to open up the inventory
  9. Drop the currently equipped item
  10. Unpause

If done successfully you should have two weapons being held in Link's hand.

Original Method (Moderate difficulty)

This method involves dropping a bunch of equipment in between Link and a wall in order to prevent an item from being dropped.

To perform:

  1. Put Link facing away from a wall and put around 1 Link of space between the wall and Link then press Y to pull out your weapon
  2. Go into your inventory and drop 6 shields/weapons (Note: the bigger the weapons the more consistent. Remember your trying to block the space between Link and the wall with items)
  3. Drop the weapon you have equipped and equip another weapon
  4. Pause and unpause quickly
  5. Drop your equipped weapon and equip another weapon
  6. Unpause

If done correctly you should be holding two weapons. If you are not you either were not the right distance from the wall, had bad timing with the pause and unpause, or did not have the space between Link and the wall blocked up.

Another small note is that in version 1.0 you can do this anywhere and don't need a wall.


One of the first uses of this glitch was a method to get the Master Sword from the opening sequence into your inventory since it has infinite durability.

Because of the difficulty to explain here is a video outlining the steps:

Zuggle Overload OOB

This is another very useful iteration of Zuggling allowing you to clip through any floor as long as you have at least two weapons and a control stick.

To perform:

  1. Zuggle Overload until weapons start dropping while you Zuggle (typically after around 8-10)
  2. Place down a control stick
  3. Stand on the control stick

Zuggle Overload Durability Transfer

This is a glitch that allows you to transfer one weapons durability to another weapon.

To perform:

  1. Zuggle Overload
  2. Switch Weapons
  3. A weapon should drop onto the floor
  4. Pick up the weapon
  5. Unequip the newly equipped weapon

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