This is a page for the random glitches that have no actual application to anything.


Discovered by Kaldemar on May 13th, 2023.

This is a very limited but fun glitch that allows Link to be immune to gravity.

To perform go to man in Tabantha Frontier south of Nero Hill and help him out of the hole. Right before the cutscene plays of him getting out start climbing and jump once.

If done properly Link should now float in the air when going off of ledges rather than falling.


Laser OOB

Discovered by Xeryph on May 13th, 2023.

This is a random OOB that can be done anywhere there are the lasers that cause the floor to drop.

All you do is trigger a laser then glide down and wait for the floor to come back up and if done properly Link should be OOB.



Discovered by Mozz on May 15th, 2023.

This is a pretty easy glitch that allows Link to get ragdolled and thrown in a direction.

In order to perform simply take out a spring and have it face a direction.

Next stand in front of the spring and neutral shield surf. Once you hit the ground press Y, once you hit the spring immediately pause and unequip shield to be ragdolled and thrown.

The more springs you add the farther you'll go.


Last updated 07/22/2023 – Malforme0