Moragia is the boss fight required before entering The Fire Temple. The boss itself is three heads coming out of a volcano in the Death Mountain area. The boss requires three hits from Yunobo's ability in order to defeat, which opens up the Death Mountain Chasm.


The only currently known way to trigger the fight is by saving Yunobo in the YunoboHQ fight and then heading up the mountain to the proper platform which will trigger a cutscene and then begin the fight.


Wing Strategy

The wing strategy is done by performing the Rocket Pump glitch and using it to gain height around Moragia, then dropping a wing which forces Yunobo onto it and allows you to shoot him at the head. You do this for all three heads in order to beat the boss.

This is currently the fastest and most consistent known method for beating Moragia


Last updated 10/17/2023 – Malforme0