Jumpslash Cancel


A glitch and movement technique that allows a large number of other related glitches such as Fall Damage Cancel, Infinite Height, Jumpslash Cancel Clipping, Arrow Flight, and other minor movement techniques.


There are multiple methods of achieving a jumpslash cancel that may differ from version to version.

L Cancel

Discovered by mozz on June 16th, 2023.

This method can only be performed on versions before 1.2.0.

Named after the menu that enables this method, being the rune menu, (which is by default opened by holding the L button) is the quickest and easiest form of the jumpslash cancel on versions predating 1.2.


  1. Start a jumpslash and immediately begin holding L.
  2. Let go of L and following that, begin holding Dpad Left.
  3. Unequip your current and or equip a different shield, then leave the menu.


Due to an oversight, the rune menu can grant access to the quick menu when it should otherwise be inaccessible, and since the switching of shields often cancels or overrides animations, the jumpslash is canceled midway through.

Bow Unequip & Bow Drop Cancel

Due to reasons that are not yet understood, if the game believes the player to have a bow equipped when there is, in fact, none, any attempt at performing a jumpslash will be canceled immediately while still giving the desired height. It so happens that when unequipping or dropping a bow while it is held, results in one frame in which the game considers Link to be holding a bow when none is present. If Y is pressed on this frame, a jumpslash cancel will occur.


  1. Hold a bow while in midair, either by jumping, or walking off a ledge.
  2. Unequip or drop the held bow.
  3. Time a Y press to be on the first frame the quick menu closes.

Arrow Smuggle Cancel

Likely the greatest use and appeal of Arrow Smuggling is its ability to grant easy and quick jumpslash canceling.


  1. Obtain an Arrow Smuggle [<- link]
  2. Have the arrow held while midair, either by jumping or walking off a ledge.
  3. Press Y to start a jumpslash.


Arrow Smuggling functions effectively as a perpetual form of Bow Unequip/Drop Canceling. This makes it an extremely powerful tool in performing other techniques such as Infinite Height, and Jumpslash Cancel Clipping.

Last updated 07/22/2023 – Mozz